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800 Toll Free Number offers high quality customer service, with customizable and advanced features to improve the customer experience. Ideal for companies that wish to enhance their support and communication with customers, ensuring efficiency and professionalism.




The 800 toll-free number service is designed to meet the needs of companies and guarantee quality customer assistance. It offers a wide range of features and benefits, including the ability to customize welcome messages. Customers can independently and free of charge upload a message from the control panel or request its production based on the texts provided. This flexibility and customization allows companies to offer more efficient and professional customer service.

Main characteristics:

  1. Choice of 800 toll-free number: possibility to customize your toll-free number.
  2. Immediate Activation: the service is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Delivery of the toll-free number within 1 minute of the order: you will receive your toll-free number already configured and working within one minute of the request.
  4. Never used 800 number guarantee: the toll-free number provided will be unpublished and never used before.
  5. Reception on landline or mobile network: the toll-free number can be used on both landline and mobile lines.
  6. Free Caller Number ID: free identification of the calling number.
  7. Blocking mobile network prefixes and unwanted numbers: You can block mobile network prefixes and unwanted numbers directly from the control panel.
  8. Complete web administration: manage your toll-free number via an online interface.
  9. Instant cost control from the Web: easily monitor the costs associated with your toll-free number online.
  10. Call detail (duration and cost): access detailed information on calls received, including duration time and associated cost.
  11. Voicemail via email: Receive voicemail voice messages directly to your email inbox.
  12. Personalized Voice Messages: Customize voice messages for voicemail, hold on busy, and more.
  13. Immediate top-up with credit card without commissions: top-up your toll-free number without additional costs using your credit card.
  14. Top-up with prepaid card: possibility of using a prepaid card to top-up the toll-free number.
  15. Credit Balance Notifications: Get notifications about your available balance.
  16. Reception on SIP/VoIP switchboards: the toll-free number can also be used with switchboards that use SIP/VoIP technology.
  17. Blocking anonymous callers and by operator prefix: You can block anonymous callers and filter calls by operator prefix.
  18. Fixed dialing directory: create a directory with numbers to allow access to your toll-free number.
  19. Custom routes: Manage call routing based on precise days, hours, minutes or dates, and alternating or cascading routing.
  20. 800 Toll Free Number Logo: customize the logo of your toll free number.

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