Mail Hosting

  • 5 email boxes of 1 GB (POP/IMAP/SMTP)
  • Automatic forwarding and reply functions
  • Antivirus and Antispam
  • Unlimited web space (for your presentation page)
  • HTTP 1.1 with PHP 7.2
  • Weekly backup (Web and email boxes)

14,99  / year


Do you want to connect a domain?

If you need to register or transfer a domain, select the extension below, after purchase you will receive the form to fill out.


Protect your data with an additional copy

Are you uploading articles or products to your site every day? Overnight, a copy of your data will be created that you will be able to restore the next business day.

If you rarely update your site, don't worry. Every fortnight a copy of your data will be created which you can keep and restore for the next 30 days.

If you send and receive a lot of emails every day, don't worry. Every night a copy of your email inboxes will be created which you can restore individually the following day.

Security & Spam

Your application is protected from malware in real time.

Improve the authority of your domain by optimizing outgoing mail delivery.

Additional mail space

After purchase, you can assign this space to your different email inboxes as you prefer, based on your needs.

After purchase, you can assign this space to your different email inboxes as you prefer, based on your needs.

Additional email boxes

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Our email hosting offers a reliable and secure solution for managing company email. With dedicated storage space, you can manage all your emails and attachments without worrying about reaching maximum capacity. Our intuitive interface makes managing your email accounts simple, while 24/7 support ensures that if you have any technical issues, we'll always be here to help.

Furthermore, security is at the forefront of our email hosting offer. We use SSL encryption to protect sensitive data, and we have implemented an anti-spam and anti-virus filtering system to avoid receiving unwanted messages. Additionally, access to your email accounts can be protected with two-factor authentication to ensure only you have access to your emails.

In summary, our email hosting offers a complete solution for managing business email, with unlimited storage space, an intuitive interface, 24/7 support and maximum security.

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