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Mailster is a powerful and versatile email newsletter plugin for WordPress, which allows you to create, manage and send email campaigns directly from your website. With over 30,000 satisfied customers and a 4.6 out of 5 star rating, Mailster is the go-to solution for all your email marketing needs.

Main features:

  1. Creating personalized newsletters: Mailster offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create and customize engaging newsletters with ease. Choose from over 50 pre-made templates or create your own unique design to fit your brand and style.
  2. Subscriber list management: Easily collect and manage your subscribers with customizable subscription forms that can be integrated into your website. Import and export subscriber data in various formats such as CSV, Excel and more.
  3. Email campaign automation: Automate the sending of emails based on specific events, such as new subscribers, anniversaries, or special promotions. Create automated email sequences to engage your subscribers over time.
  4. Detailed statistics and analytics: Monitor the performance of your email campaigns with detailed statistics, such as open, click, bounce and unsubscribe rates. Gain insights into your subscribers' behavior to further improve your marketing strategies.
  5. Integration with WordPress and third-party plugins: Mailster integrates seamlessly with your WordPress site and supports numerous third-party plugins, such as WooCommerce, EventON, BuddyPress, and many more.
  6. GDPR compliance and security: Mailster complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ensures maximum security for your subscriber data. Additionally, it supports SMTP authentication and sending via third-party email services such as SendGrid, Amazon SES, and Mailgun.
  7. Support and Documentation: Mailster offers dedicated customer support and comprehensive documentation to help you at every stage of your email marketing journey. The extensive knowledge base and video tutorials will guide you in using the plugin and troubleshooting any issues.

Start boosting your email marketing today with Mailster, the most advanced and easy-to-use WordPress email newsletter plugin on the market.

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