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Write down all your contact information, upload media and documents, and manage sales opportunities.



Discover the Power of the Personal Data Module in the Brentasoft CRM

The Personal data form it is an irreplaceable element in our ecosystem CRM Brentasoft. This module is integrated into all variants of our CRM, establishing itself as a crucial element of our system. Furthermore, for those who have chosen a standalone version of our CRM, there is the possibility of purchasing and integrating the Master Data Module separately, thus guaranteeing access to the most recent features offered.

The Main Sections of the Personal Data Form

The Personal Data Form is divided into four fundamental sections:

  1. Leads: This section deals with managing potential customers who are in the early stages of interacting with your business. Learn more about our lead management strategy.
  2. Prospect: The Prospect module deals with managing the details of potential customers who have expressed interest but who have not yet made a purchase. Find out how our system helps convert prospects into clients.
  3. Clients: The Customers section manages a complete and detailed list of your current customers, allowing you to always have your business under control. Find out how to improve your customer satisfaction.
  4. Providers: This section offers you a complete database of information on your suppliers, allowing optimal management of relationships with them. Find out how to effectively manage your suppliers.

Unique Features of the Personal Data Module

One of the distinctive features of the Personal Data Module is its ability to manage and transfer data from one section to another, ensuring fluid and hitch-free information management.

Furthermore, each registry has various tabs with different functions:

  • Data: Provides essential details and general information.
  • Contacts: Allows effective management of associated contacts.
  • Billing: Takes care of managing billing information, ensuring optimal control of your finances.
  • Note: Allows you to add additional notes and details for greater customization.
  • Bank: Provides related banking details.
  • SDI: Manages the unique SDI (Interchange System) code for the electronic invoicing, ensuring correct management and compliance in the invoicing process.
  • File: Allows you to upload and manage related files for comprehensive data management.
  • Opportunity: Allows you to monitor and manage related business opportunities to maximize your chances of growth.

The combination of these sections and tabs makes the Personal Data Module a powerful and versatile tool, capable of adapting to the needs of a wide range of businesses. Whether you are managing a small shop or a large company, Brentasoft's Master Data Module can provide you with the features you need to effectively manage your customer, prospect, lead and supplier data. For further details on how our Master Data Module can help your business.


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