Plesk Email Security

Plesk Email Security is the ultimate email security solution, offering anti-spam, anti-virus scanning, and email configuration verification for businesses.

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Plesk Email Security is a dedicated email security extension that protects you from the growing number of cyber threats. Thanks to this extension, spam and virus control will no longer be a problem.

In the modern computing landscape, the risk of phishing, viruses and malware has never been higher. It is worth investing in a reliable security component to protect your business and mitigate the potential damage it may be exposed to. Thanks to Plesk Email Security, you will be protected from all spam and virus threats.

Free version features
The free version of Plesk Email Security offers configurable spam filtering (inbound and outbound), individual and server-level anti-spam settings (whitelist/blacklist management, spam marking and sensitivity management), and security control. email configuration (DNS/RDNS registers, MX settings, ports).

It is also possible to migrate from the antispam settings already present on the platform.

Paid version features
The paid version of Plesk Email Security offers even more advanced features, including an email virus scan, virus quarantine management, and daily antivirus updates.

Thanks to this extension, you will be able to manage all aspects of email with greater security and precision, thanks to the additional antivirus functionality.

Why choose Plesk Email Security?
Plesk Email Security offers you a complete solution for protecting your email from spam, phishing and other types of cyber threats. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you will be able to easily manage spam filtering, virus scanning, and email configuration.

Furthermore, thanks to its flexibility and the ability to customize settings based on your organization's needs, Plesk Email Security allows you to tailor your security solution based on the level of risk and the nature of your business.

Finally, thanks to its scalability, Plesk Email Security allows you to manage even large volumes of email messages without slowdowns or loss of efficiency.

In summary, choosing Plesk Email Security means relying on a complete and customizable security solution, capable of protecting your company from cyber attacks, while ensuring maximum efficiency and flexibility for email management.

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