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Plesk Premium Email by Kolab is an advanced email and groupware solution with a responsive interface, advanced security features, and extensive customizability.

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Plesk Premium Email, powered by Kolab, is a secure and advanced groupware solution that offers email, calendars, contacts, file management, tasks and notes. This groupware solution is ideal for all users who want a high level of privacy and control, since all data is stored and all components run on your personal Plesk server.

Its browser-based and responsive interface is equipped with everything you need on both desktop computers and mobile devices. All features can be synced with native apps on iOS and Android devices, as well as clients using Mac and Windows PCs. Try it now and get started with our free version, which includes all the features you need to manage your email.

Features of the free version
The free version of Plesk Premium Email includes email (with access via IMAP/POP3/SMTP), automatic email setup for desktop clients and mobile devices, and an improved responsive web interface, available for both desktop computers and devices mobile (the same as the interface of the paid version).

Plus, with the free version, upgrading to the premium version is quick and easy, without the need to migrate your data. The free version is ideal for those who want a secure email system but don't need all the advanced features offered by the premium version.

Features of the paid version
The premium version of Plesk Premium Email offers many advanced features: among these, the ability to manage calendars and events, contacts, file management, tasks and notes, setting mail rules to filter items junk and the ability to view inbox messages as conversations.

This version also offers enhanced security, including advanced spam filtering and the ability to manage user and group access to data on the server. You can set access levels for files, calendars, and tasks based on user roles and responsibilities.

The features of the paid version can be easily customized to your organization's needs, giving you greater flexibility and freedom.

Why choose Plesk Premium Email?
In summary, Plesk Premium Email by Kolab offers a secure and advanced email solution that puts you in control of all your data. Thanks to its user-friendly and responsive interface, you can access your emails, calendars, contacts, files and tasks from any device. Furthermore, thanks to its advanced technology, you will be able to block spam and guarantee the safety of your company files.

Plesk Premium Email is also highly customizable, thanks to the advanced features offered by the paid version that allow you to customize the interface, manage user access and define file and folder permissions.

Ultimately, if you want to ensure maximum security of your data and email, and at the same time have complete control over the management of your emails, Plesk Premium Email is the ideal choice for you.

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