PositiveSSL EV

Positivessl EV is a superior SSL certificate with extended brand verification that offers maximum security for website visitors. Supports up to 100 domains with simple setup and ongoing support.

  • Certificate Authority Sectigo
  • Telephone validation check
  • Extended Validation (EV)
  • Green Bar
  • $1,000,000 guarantee
  • Applicable to a domain or subdomain

139,00  / year



The EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificate is a type of higher-level SSL certificate that offers maximum security for your website visitors. This certificate is issued only after rigorous verification by the certificate provider and provides maximum visibility of your brand. With an EV SSL certificate, the visitor's browser will display your company name in green and a green padlock symbol next to the web address. This provides a visual indication to visitors that the website is secure and authenticated.

With Positivessl EV, you get an SSL certificate issued by one of the most reliable providers on the market, ensuring high security for your website and online business. This certificate supports up to 100 different domains, allowing you to protect all your websites with just one certificate. Additionally, installing the certificate is quick and easy, and support is always available if you have any questions or problems.

With Positivessl EV, you can rest easy knowing that your online activity is protected by one of the most trusted SSL certificates on the market.

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