Premium Antivirus by Dr.Web

Plesk Premium Antivirus by Dr.Web offers advanced protection for email servers from viruses and malware, with active scanning and automatic updating of virus signatures.

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The Plesk Premium extension Antivirus by Dr.Web is an advanced software for protecting email servers from viruses and malware. Thanks to this extension, it is possible to guarantee the safety and protection of mailboxes from the main cyber risks.

This software offers cutting-edge protection against viruses and other types of malware that can infect mail servers and cause irreparable damage to users' data and sensitive information. The security solution proposed by Plesk Premium Antivirus by Dr.Web is highly effective and reliable, as well as being lightweight and easy to use.

Actively scan incoming and outgoing mail traffic

With this extension, all mail traffic entering and leaving the server is carefully scanned for viruses and malware. This constant and active scan helps block any threat that may enter your system.

If the presence of a virus or malware is detected during the scan, the Plesk Premium Antivirus by Dr.Web extension can cure, rename or remove the infected file, so that user data always remains safe.

Automatic update of virus signatures

The Plesk Premium Antivirus by Dr.Web security solution is constantly updated to offer maximum protection against new cyber threats. The extension constantly monitors the virus and malware landscape, and automatically updates virus signatures so that the system can recognize and block all new types of incoming threats.

Scanning of file archives

With Plesk Premium Antivirus by Dr.Web, file archives are regularly scanned for viruses. This feature helps you detect viruses hidden in compressed file archives and thus block threats before they can infect your system.

Command line scanning support

Plesk Premium Antivirus by Dr.Web also offers a simple command line scanning system, to help system administrators perform a more precise and complete system scan. With this advanced feature, system administrators can scan specific folders or files to ensure that every file on the system is safe and virus-free.

Prevention of false positives

Thanks to the advanced technology of Plesk Premium Antivirus by Dr.Web, there is no risk of false positives, i.e. the detection of a virus in a file that is not actually infected. In this way, accidental deletion of important files is avoided and the security solution is able to precisely and safely manage each threat.

Easily activate Premium Antivirus protection

To activate Premium Antivirus protection, you need to follow some quick and easy steps. First, you need to install the Plesk Premium Antivirus component, then purchase a Premium Antivirus license key and install it on your system. After this step, just go to Mail Server Settings and select the Plesk Premium Antivirus radio button under “Antivirus settings”.


The Plesk Premium Antivirus by Dr.Web extension is the ideal solution for protecting mailboxes from major IT risks, such as viruses and malware. Thanks to constant and active scanning of mail traffic, scanning of file archives, automatic updating of virus signatures and support for command line scanning, Plesk Premium Antivirus by Dr.Web offers an advanced and effective solution for protect the system from any threat. Furthermore, through the false positive prevention system, system administrators can be sure that every threat identified is real and that the security solution is always active and capable of managing every risk included.

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