HP Private Cloud 16

Create up to 16 instances with:

– 16 vCPU @ 3.6GHz
– 120 GB of RAM
– 750 GB of Storage
– 16 IP addresses
– 1 Gbps bandwidth
– Daily backup (single instances)
– Weekly backup (single instances)

506,86  / month



The solution features an HP ProLiant ML350 Gen10 server, an HP MSA 2050 storage drive with a storage capacity of 7.2 TB, and an HP OfficeConnect 1920S network switch with 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The server is equipped with an Intel Xeon Silver 4208 processor with 8 cores and 16 threads, 64 GB DDR4 RAM and a 480 GB SSD storage drive. This offers high performance to run private cloud applications and services.

The HP MSA 2050 storage solution provides fast data transfer speed and flexible expansion capacity, allowing you to add additional storage drives to your system in the future if needed.

The HP OfficeConnect 1920S Network Switch supports Gigabit Ethernet connections and provides advanced network management features, including traffic management, bandwidth control, and network security.

The HP Private Cloud Solution 16 helps you create a reliable, scalable storage and compute network within your IT infrastructure. This is especially useful for companies that have high security needs and prefer to keep their data and applications in-house instead of outsourcing them to public cloud providers.

In summary, the HP Private Cloud Solution 16 is a reliable, high-performance and scalable private cloud solution, ideal for companies looking to manage their compute and storage resources in-house, while maintaining high security standards.

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