SectigoSSL OV

The Sectigo SSL OV SSL certificate offers extended authentication and 256-bit encryption to ensure the safety of sensitive customer data. Includes security guarantee and free security seal to increase customer confidence.

  • Certificate Authority Sectigo
  • Organization Validation (OV)
  • $1,000,000 guarantee
  • Applicable to a domain or subdomain

169,00  / year



The Sectigo SSL OV SSL certificate is an ideal solution for companies that want to ensure the security of their customers' sensitive data. This SSL certificate offers Extended Authentication (OV), which means the issuer thoroughly verifies domain ownership and company validity. This assures customers that the website is reliable and that their data is safe.

With the Sectigo SSL OV certificate, your website will be protected by 256-bit encryption, which ensures that sensitive customer data, such as payment information and personal data, is safe from any hacking attacks. Furthermore, the certificate includes the Sectigo security guarantee, which covers any financial losses as a result of online fraud.

Additionally, the Sectigo SSL OV certificate includes the free security seal, which shows customers that the website is protected by a trusted SSL certificate. This can increase customer trust in your website and encourage them to make purchases or provide sensitive information.

In conclusion, the Sectigo SSL OV certificate is a powerful solution to protect your website and your customers' data. With its extensive authentication and 256-bit encryption, this SSL certificate ensures that your website is trustworthy and safe for customers.

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