• 2 vCores
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 80GB NVMe SSD
  • 500 Mbps of public bandwidth

All VPS are hosted in European Datacenters and are constantly monitored by us through the service uptime.gtechgroup.it

40,00  / month


Configuration service

Server Management

The server management service includes server maintenance, backups and updates.

Server Licenses

plesk web admin license (up to 10 domains) for dedicated server
Plesk Web Admin License (up to 10 domains) for Dedicated Server 19,99 
plesk web admin license (up to 10 domains) for dedicated server
Plesk Web Pro License (up to 30 domains) for Dedicated Server 30,58 
plesk web admin license (up to 10 domains) for dedicated server
Plesk Web Host Edition License (unlimited domains) for Dedicated Server 59,99 
cloud-only cpanel license
cPanel Premier Metal 100 license 69,00 
Order total:


Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an advanced web hosting technology that offers the performance and security of a dedicated server at an affordable price. The VPS is a space shared with other users of the physical server, but with its own customizable and independent private area.

VPS works with software that allows you to create multiple independent hosting environments within one physical server. Each VPS has an operating system, a dedicated area of RAM, CPU and disk space. In practice, this means that each VPS has access to its dedicated resources without interfering with the resources of other users using the same physical server.

VPS is one of the most used web hosting solutions by website owners who need a fast, customizable and secure virtual hosting environment. Thanks to the independent control of the RAM, CPU and disk space, the VPS drastically reduces the competition between user resources, guaranteeing faster loading speed, greater reliability and greater security compared to shared hosting.

Furthermore, the VPS is highly customizable, as you can choose the operating system that suits your needs, select the level of RAM and disk space, configure web server settings and install a wide range of third-party software.

VPS can provide greater protection than shared hosting because each VPS is managed as a separate virtual machine with its own operating system and storage space. This means that if one site is affected by malware, other sites will not risk the attack.

Unlike shared hosting, Virtual Private Server offers a high level of privacy and data protection, avoiding interference with other websites and ensuring independent control over all hosting functions.

In conclusion, Virtual Private Server is an advanced and affordable web hosting solution that offers superior performance and security compared to shared hosting. Thanks to its high functionality, customizability and flexibility, the VPS is the ideal choice for all those who wish to obtain a dedicated, fast and secure virtual hosting environment.

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