VPS Top E 16/160

  • 8 vCores
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • 160GB NVMe SSD
  • 2 Gbps of public bandwidth

All VPS are hosted in European Datacenters and are constantly monitored by us through the service uptime.gtechgroup.it

80,00  / month


Configuration service

Server Management

The server management service includes server maintenance, backups and updates.

Server Licenses

plesk web admin license (up to 10 domains) for dedicated server
Plesk Web Admin License (up to 10 domains) for Dedicated Server 19,99 
plesk web admin license (up to 10 domains) for dedicated server
Plesk Web Pro License (up to 30 domains) for Dedicated Server 30,58 
plesk web admin license (up to 10 domains) for dedicated server
Plesk Web Host Edition License (unlimited domains) for Dedicated Server 59,99 
cloud-only cpanel license
cPanel Premier Metal 100 license 69,00 
Order total:


If you are looking for a reliable and flexible hosting service, VPS may be the solution for you.

The Virtual Private Server is a virtual instance that simulates a dedicated hosting environment within a physical server. The hosting provider provides a hypervisor that manages resource allocation for each VPS, ensuring that each virtual server performs reliably and meets user expectations.

Each VPS is completely isolated, in order to avoid interference from any attacks or vulnerabilities compromising the other VPS hosted on the same physical server. Furthermore, the VPS is equipped with advanced security protocols that will ensure that your data is safe from any external threats.

The VPS allows you to choose the operating system that best suits your needs, being compatible with a wide range of applications and services. Furthermore, you can easily add or remove resources assigned to your VPS to adapt it to your needs, so as to avoid wasting resources.

A further advantage of VPS lies in its cost efficiency compared to a dedicated server. In fact, thanks to its high performance, the VPS allows you to save money compared to the dedicated hosting solution, without having to give up the performance and features necessary to manage your applications.

In summary, VPS offers a reliable, flexible and customizable hosting solution. Thanks to the separation between the different virtual servers hosted on the same physical server, the VPS guarantees the security of your data and applications, offering you high performance and savings on management and maintenance costs. For businesses looking for a customized hosting solution, VPS is definitely one of the best choices on the market.

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