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4 weekly newsletters per month customized for e-commerce: captivating, engaging and timely texts to increase the loyalty and sales of your customers.

100,00  / month


Are you the owner of a website or e-commerce and want to keep your customers always updated and involved? Our personalized weekly newsletter solution is right for you. Not only do we offer quality and personalized content, but we also take care of writing captivating and engaging texts, to increase loyalty and sales. Furthermore, we send all newsletters within the first week of subscription, to allow you to plan your campaigns with peace of mind.

Types of newsletters:

  1. Promotional newsletters: Ideal for presenting special offers, promotions, discounts and discount codes to your customers, encouraging them to make purchases and return to your e-commerce site.
  2. Informational newsletters: Update your customers on the latest news, new arrivals and trends in the industry. This type of newsletter helps establish your company as an authority in the field and keep customers interested.
  3. Educational newsletters: Offer your customers helpful tips, tutorials, and guides related to your products or services. This type of content helps them get the most out of their purchases and see the added value of your e-commerce.
  4. Storytelling newsletter: Tell your brand story, share testimonials from satisfied customers, or introduce your team members. This type of newsletter creates an emotional connection with your customers and makes them more likely to choose you over your competitors.
  5. Events and collaborations newsletter: Inform your customers about special events, fairs, meetings or collaborations between your e-commerce and other companies or influencers. This type of newsletter generates curiosity and draws attention to what your brand is doing in the industry.

With our service, you will be able to offer your customers a personalized weekly newsletter that engages them and builds their loyalty. With our fast delivery within your first week of membership, you can plan your campaigns in advance and ensure everything goes smoothly.


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