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WordPress Automatic plugin imports content from different sources and generates posts automatically thanks to OpenAI GPT-3 technology. Customizable and supported by G Tech Group.

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WordPress Automatic is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to automatically import content from different websites, including the most popular ones like Youtube and Twitter, using their API, or from any other website of your choice via its scraping modules. The plugin is capable of generating content using OpenAI GPT-3 technology, capable of generating unique and relevant articles by emulating human language.

The plugin offers numerous advanced features to customize the publication of content on your website, such as automatic insertion on two customizable slots, publication of posts in specific categories, use of different authors according to needs and automatic generation of tags for posts.

In addition to this, WordPress Automatic also supports customizing publishing based on the specific needs of your website, offering the ability to set up “campaigns” with specific keywords and custom publishing options. This makes the plugin ideal for those who want to automate the process of publishing content on their website, saving time and effort in managing the site.

Additionally, WordPress Automatic supports publishing to different post types, including e-commerce products, and can automatically link specific keywords with affiliate links or custom links as needed. The plugin also manages post images, uploading them to its server to improve loading times and site functionality.

Thanks to its versatility and advanced features, WordPress Automatic is a powerful tool for managing the publication of content on your website, allowing you to customize its management based on specific needs.

Furthermore, WordPress Automatic allows you to take advantage of the direct support of the G Tech Group team regarding the formatting of the generated articles and the arrangement of the texts, to guarantee the maximum quality and precision of the contents published on the website. Thanks to this service, it is possible to have the security of publishing well-finished and professional contents, without having to worry about their formatting. The support provided by G Tech Group represents an important advantage for those who manage a website and want to publish high-quality content, without having to worry about every little detail.

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