WP All Import

WP All Import is a WordPress plugin for flexible and automated import of XML, CSV and user data.




WP All Import is a powerful and flexible WordPress plugin that makes it easy to import XML and CSV data into your website. Its versatility allows you to import data in any format, whether it is post content, pages, custom post types, custom fields, taxonomies, users, or even e-commerce data.

Main Functions:

  1. Importing Data from Various Formats: WP All Import can handle XML, CSV, and Excel data files, making it easy to import data from any source.
  2. Custom Field Mapping: The plugin offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows you to map fields in your import file to corresponding fields on your WordPress site.
  3. Importing Images and Other Media: You can import images and other media from URLs, upload them to your media library, and link them to posts, products, or other content.
  4. Scheduled Import: WP All Import can be configured to run automatic imports at regular intervals, ideal for keeping your data in sync with that of another source.
  5. Importing E-commerce Data: The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce and other e-commerce plugins, allowing the import of products, variants, categories, images and other product data.
  6. User Management: You can import new users or update existing users, including roles, metadata, and other user information.

Use Cases:

WP All Import is used in a wide range of scenarios, including:

  • Importing large volumes of data, such as placing thousands of products into a WooCommerce store.
  • Synchronizing data between WordPress sites, or between a WordPress site and another data source.
  • Migration of content from another CMS to WordPress.
  • Creating custom posts, pages, or post types from a data file.
  • Importing images and other media to enrich site content.
  • Automatically update pricing, inventory, or other product information for an online store.

In summary, WP All Import is a must-have tool for any WordPress administrator who needs to import, export or sync data easily and efficiently.

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