WP-Optimize is a WordPress plugin to clean the database, compress images and improve site speed.




WP-Optimize is an essential tool for maintaining and optimizing your WordPress site. This powerful and easy-to-use plugin allows site administrators to clean their database, compress images, and keep their site running efficiently and quickly.

WP-Optimize offers several key features:

  1. Database cleanup: WP-Optimize eliminates superfluous versions of posts, trash comments, unpublished drafts, and other things that can clog up your database. This feature allows you to keep your database light and efficient, improving the speed of your site.
  2. Image compression: WP-Optimize includes an image compression tool that can reduce the size of your site's images without losing quality. This can help improve page load times and your site speed.
  3. Site cache: WP-Optimize also includes a site caching feature. This means it can store static versions of your site's pages, so they can load faster for users. This can also help reduce the load on the server.
  4. Cleaning scheduling: With WP-Optimize, you can set a schedule for database cleanup operations. This can help keep your site optimized without requiring your constant attention.
  5. File minification: WP-Optimize can reduce the size of your CSS, JavaScript and HTML files via minification, thus helping improve the speed of your site.

It's important to note that while WP-Optimize can do a lot to improve the speed and performance of your site, it should be used with caution. It's always a good idea to take a backup of your site before performing database cleanup or optimization tasks.

Up to my knowledge which stops in September 2021, WP-Optimize was available for free, but also offered a premium plan with additional features. For the latest information, I recommend visiting their website or WordPress plugin page.

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