YITH Live Push Notifications for WooCommerce

Show personalized notifications to emphasize promotions, discounts, products and reviews, to get new potential customers and show recent sales increasing customer trust.

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  • Send tailored push notifications to your customers to encourage them to make further purchases in your shop;
  • Enhance discounts, coupons and promotions with notifications that immediately attract attention and that the user cannot ignore;
  • Promote specific products in your shop to push users to purchase;
  • Increase trust in your shop by showing positive reviews from those who have already purchased;
  • Strengthen the brand by promoting positive policies (reviews, free or fast shipping, returns and refunds, etc.) and encouraging users to sign up or share the link to your shop on their social channels;
  • Show notifications relating to purchases that users make on your store to increase trust in your shop and exploit the principles of social proof.

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