Newsletter G Tech Group Software is an advanced solution of email marketing which combines ease of use and powerful functionality. Monitor and analyse your campaigns with full tracking of openings, clicks and rebounds. Take advantage of theautomation to respond to specific events and manage email lists with tools such as segmentation And email verification. Our advanced email template builder and the easy integration with SMTP or third-party services make every campaign effective and customisable. Ideal for marketing executives, developers and business owners, is the perfect choice for successful email campaigns.

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Description is a cutting-edge email marketing platform developed by G Tech Groupdesigned to provide a comprehensive and flexible solution for your email marketing needs. Whether you are a marketing executive, a developer or a business owner, this platform equips you with powerful tools to create, send and optimise emails according to your preferences.

Key Features:

  1. Full Message Tracking: It monitors opens, clicks, bounces and complaints of every email sent, providing a detailed view of the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  2. Automation and Self-Response: Set up automated email campaigns in response to specific events, such as list subscriptions, openings/clicks and recurring events.
  3. Managing Email Lists: Manage your lists with ease thanks to features such as single/double opt-in, segmentation, mass import/export, form builder, blacklisting and more.
  4. Email Verification: Make sure your email list is clean and validated, reducing bounces and protecting your reputation as a sender.
  5. Advanced Email Builder: Acelle Mail offers an advanced Email Template Builder and dozens of pre-built email layouts to get you started right away. You can also import your own customised email templates.
  6. Simple Integration: It easily integrates with SMTP or third-party services, reducing costs and improving efficiency.
  7. Statistics and Report Insight: View real-time email statistics and work with our tools and insight reports to improve your campaign results.


  • Ease of Use: A responsive and intuitive editor makes composing daily email marketing simple and fun.
  • Flexibility: Adapt the platform to your specific needs, choosing from a variety of integrations and configurations.
  • Cost Savings: Avoid expensive email services without compromising the quality and effectiveness of your campaigns.


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