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G Tech Group introduces an innovative service for the creation of PWA (Progressive Web Apps) via the builder of Goodbarber. This service enables companies to develop advanced web applications, combining the user-friendliness of a website with the functionality of a native app. Using standard technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScriptPWAs offer immediate accessibility, automatic updates, high performance And full customisation. Ideal for those seeking efficient and customised digital solutions, G Tech Group makes app development more accessible, without requiring additional modules or external assistance.

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G Tech Group offers a distinctive service for the creation of APP PWA (Progressive Web Apps)which provides companies with exclusive access to the Goodbarbera leading platform for web application development. This service is ideal for companies looking for a simple and efficient solution to enter the world of digital applications.

Le Progressive Web Apps represent a hybrid between traditional websites and native mobile applications. Developed with standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScriptPWAs are distinguished by several key features:

  1. Direct AccessibilityThey do not need to be downloaded from the app store, they can be accessed directly via a web browser.
  2. Automatic UpdatesThey update themselves, eliminating the need to download updates manually.
  3. High PerformanceThey offer a smooth and responsive user experience, similar to that of native apps, even in limited network conditions.
  4. Full FunctionalityThey include features such as push notifications, which increase user engagement.

The builder of Goodbarber enables complete customisation of the PWA APP, making it possible for companies to create applications that faithfully reflect their brand and meet the specific needs of their customers. The Goodbarber platform is known for its intuitive interface and the wide range of features it offers, making it easy even for less tech-savvy users to create professional, high-quality PWA apps.

It is important to emphasise that the service offered by G Tech Group only includes access to the Goodbarber builder. Any additional modules or services of assistance are not included in the basic service and will be charged separately, according to the current G Tech Group price list.

In conclusion, G Tech Group's PWA service is an ideal solution for companies wishing to develop advanced web applications, offering direct access to one of the most popular development tools in the industry.

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