Remote Assistance

G Tech Group Remote Support via Supremo: Troubleshoot your device from anywhere.

The cost is for a single connection of maximum 45 minutes, the minutes cannot be cumulated. 




There G Tech Group offers a new and innovative product of assistance remotely via the supreme software. With this tool, you can connect with our technical experts and solve all kinds of problems with your device, wherever you are.

The operation is simple and intuitive: just download the version of suprema for Windows or Mac from the link provided below and install it on your computer. Once the software has been started, you will be immediately connected with our assistance center, which will keep you constantly informed on the progress of the intervention.

Thanks to the remote connection, our technicians will be able to monitor your computer and intervene promptly to solve any problem, in real time and without having to physically go on site.

Rely on remote assistance from G Tech Group it means saving time, money and stress. You will be able to solve any problem efficiently and quickly, without having to leave home. Furthermore, the security of your connection and data is guaranteed at 100% by our company.

Don't waste time and download the supreme software for now Windows or for Mac from our web page, your device will thank you!

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