SEO analysis of the website

Complete SEO analysis of your website, with technical evaluation, keyword analysis and competitor benchmarking.



Website SEO analysis is one of the most important activities to ensure the online visibility of your website and to position it effectively on search engines. G Tech Group offers a wide range of SEO analysis services, including a careful review of the website for technical and content problems.

Our SEO analysis begins with an evaluation of your website to identify technical issues that may negatively impact its position on search engines. At this stage, our team of experts analyzes all technical aspects of the website, including structure, loading speed, navigation and compatibility with mobile devices. Once these problems have been identified, we provide a list of recommendations and suggestions for improving the website.

Furthermore, we offer keyword analysis services to identify the most suitable keywords for the website and its market niche. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we can help our clients choose the right keywords and create content that attracts new visitors.

Our team of SEO experts also provides competitive analysis and benchmarking to help our clients understand their competitors' search engine rankings. In this way, we can help our clients identify areas for improvement and create an effective SEO strategy suited to their needs.


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