iOS App Publishing Service

G Tech Group offers an App Store publishing service to make your app available on Apple devices. Our team will take care of all publishing phases, from creating the App Store listing to app submission. The cost of registering on the App Store is not included in the service.



G Tech Group offers a complete service for publishing native apps on the App Store, allowing customers to concentrate on the development of the app content, while the G Tech Group team takes care of all the publishing phases.

The first phase is submitting the app to the App Store, which must be developed with G Tech Group tools. Once the app has been submitted, Apple's review process will begin, which can take 24 to 48 hours. The G Tech Group team will constantly monitor the review process to ensure that there are no issues and that the app is published as soon as possible.

The second phase is creating the app listing that will be visible in the App Store. This tab includes information about the app's features and functionality, preview images and screenshots, and the app logo. G Tech Group will provide all materials needed to create the listing, including the app logo, and will create an eye-catching and professional listing to increase the app's visibility.

Finally, once the app has been published on the App Store, the G Tech Group team will continue to monitor the app's performance and provide support for troubleshooting issues that may arise during its use.

It is important to note that the App Store registration cost is not included in G Tech Group's publishing service and must be paid directly by the customer. However, G Tech Group's publishing service is a convenient and reliable option for those who want to publish their app on the App Store without having to worry about all the publishing steps.

In summary, G Tech Group's App Store publishing service offers a complete solution for publishing your app on the App Store, allowing customers to focus on developing the app's content while the G Tech Group team works on takes care of all phases of publishing, including creation of the app listing and ongoing troubleshooting support.


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