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The service PWA eCommerce of G Tech Group, in cooperation with GoodBarber, offers a App Builder to create Progressive Web Apps (PWA) customised for retail. It includes essential e-commerce features such as facilitated payments, push notifications And delivery tracking. Important: it is limited to the creation of PWAthe creation of native apps for Android and iOS requires a separate subscription.

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The service PWA eCommerce offered by G Tech Group in cooperation with GoodBarber provides access to a specific App Builder, which allows users to create customised Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for retail. This tool is designed to facilitate the creation of eCommerce apps without the need for advanced programming skills.

Here are some key points of the service:

  1. Access to the GoodBarber App Builder: Users have the option of using the GoodBarber builder to create PWAs. This tool offers an intuitive interface that allows users to design and customise the app according to their business needs.
  2. Features Specific to Electronic Commerce: The service includes several useful e-commerce features, such as facilitated payment management (including Google and Apple Pay), push notifications, delivery tracking, abandoned order management, discounts, coupons, and other tools to optimise sales.
  3. Customisation and ThemesUsers can choose from various themes and customise the appearance of their PWA to reflect their brand image.
  4. Marketing and Loyalty ToolsThe service includes tools for improving customer loyalty and conducting effective marketing campaigns.

However, it is important to emphasise that:

  • Restricted Access to Modules: With this subscription, users do not have access to the modules for creating native Android and iOS apps. Creating native apps requires a separate subscription.
  • Focus on PWAsThe service focuses on the creation of Progressive Web Apps, which are web applications capable of offering a user experience similar to that of native apps, but accessible via a browser.

In conclusion, the PWA eCommerce service from G Tech Group and GoodBarber is an excellent option for companies wishing to develop an online presence via PWA, with a wide range of eCommerce-specific features. For native Android and iOS app development needs, an additional subscription will need to be considered.

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