Meta Business Manager activation

We offer a complete service for the activation of your Meta Business Manager. We include account creation, customising settings, assigning team roles, connecting resources, Pixel and API configuration, domain verification, WhatsApp Business integration and a best practice guide. Optimise and centralise your presence on Meta platforms with our expert assistance.




Meta's Business Manager activation is an essential process for companies wishing to professionally manage their presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and others belonging to Meta. Here is what our activation service includes:

  1. Account Creation: If you do not yet have a Business Manager, we create it for you, making sure it is configured correctly according to your business needs.
  2. Configuration Settings: We customise your Business Manager settings, including details such as company address, contact information and payment method.
  3. Adding People and Assigning Roles: We integrate your team members, assigning them the appropriate roles (e.g. administrator, editor, analyst) to ensure effective and secure management.
  4. Linking AssetsWe link all your company pages, advertising accounts and other Meta resources to the Business Manager, allowing you to manage them centrally.
  5. Pixel and API configurationWe install and configure the Meta Pixel for tracking conversions on your website, and integrate any necessary APIs for advanced management of your campaigns.
  6. Domain Ownership Verification: We confirm and verify the ownership of your domains on the Business Manager, ensuring greater protection and reliability of your advertising campaigns.
  7. Connecting WhatsApp Business: We will integrate and link your WhatsApp Business account, allowing you to manage customer interactions and advertising campaigns in a centralised manner.
  8. Best Practices Guide: We provide a short training on how to best use the Business Manager, including best practices for optimal management of your resources.
  9. Security Verification: We perform checks to ensure that your Business Manager is protected, suggesting, for example, the activation of two-step verification.
  10. Assistance Post-ActivationAfter activation, we remain available to resolve any doubts or provide support in case of problems or specific needs.

With this service, we offer you simplified and centralised access to the full potential of Meta platforms, ensuring that your Business Manager is best configured and managed for your business needs.

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