Up to 3 posts weekly on 4 social networks

  • Managing four social media accounts
  • Creating custom content for each social media account
  • Planning and publishing posts
  • Social media advertising campaigns
  • Subscription to included for the duration of the service worth €19.99 / month

249,00  / month for 12 months


In today's digital landscape, strategic action on social media is key to effectively reaching and engaging your audience. SocialMaster is the premium solution offered by G Tech Group for companies aiming for a higher level of social presence and interaction. With a combination of tailored content, targeted planning and effective advertising campaigns, your brand will have everything it needs to excel online.

Main features:

  1. Integrated Management of Four Social Accounts: Select four of the main social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter (Ora consistent and professional.
  2. Creation of Personalized Content: Every social network has its own language and its own audience. We create unique content for each account, ensuring your brand message is always relevant and engaging.
  3. Publication Frequency: With up to 3 posts weekly For each platform, we ensure a constant presence that keeps your brand at the center of attention.
  4. Strategic Planning and Publishing: With the help of Helpmepost, each post is scheduled and published at the most appropriate times, maximizing engagement and visibility.
  5. Advertising campaigns on social media: Go beyond just posting. With targeted advertising campaigns, reach a wider audience and convert your followers into loyal customers.
  6. Subscription Included: Receive a free subscription to, worth €19.99 per month, guaranteeing access to advanced tools and strategies for the entire duration of the service.

With SocialMaster, G Tech Group offers you the opportunity to dominate the social media landscape by combining quality content, strategy and advanced technology. Elevate your brand with SocialMaster!


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