Up to 2 posts weekly on 3 social networks

  • Managing three social media accounts
  • Creating content for posts (text, images)
  • Planning and publishing posts
  • Subscription to included for the duration of the service worth €19.99 per month

199,00  / month for 12 months


In a digital age where social media presence is essential, ensure a homogeneous, effective and active presence through various channels is crucial. SocialStara premium service offered by G Tech Group, emerges as the perfect solution. Combining deep expertise in social media marketing with powerful proprietary software “Helpmepost”, SocialStar offers flawless management of your social channels.

Main features:

  1. Integrated Management of Three Social Accounts: Whether you operate on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter (Ora X), Telegram or Google My Business, our experienced team will manage three of your accounts, ensuring communication and image consistent across platforms.
  2. Creation of customized content: Every brand has a unique essence. Using captivating texts and impactful graphic design, we create content that embodies your identity and dialogues with your audience.
  3. Publication Frequency: With up to 2 weekly posts per platform, we guarantee that your brand remain the center of attention, establishing a strong bond with your followers.
  4. Strategic Planning with Helpmepost: Leveraging our proprietary software, Helpmepost, each post is scheduled at the most appropriate time, maximizing visibility and engagement. This powerful tool also facilitates simultaneous management of multiple social networks, making the entire operation harmonious and integrated.
  5. Subscription to In addition to management, we grant full access to Helpmepost, allowing you to explore the strategy and tools used in depth, ensuring transparency and synergy.

With SocialStar, G Tech Group takes social media management to new heights by uniting human competence and cutting-edge technology. Trust SocialStar with the starlight of your digital presence!


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