up to 5 posts weekly on 5 social networks

  • Creating custom visual content such as graphics for social media
  • Planning and publishing posts
  • Management of social media advertisements
  • Subscription to included for the duration of the service worth €39 / month

399,00  / month for 12 months


In an ever-evolving digital world, having top-notch social media management is critical to standing out. With SocialWizard, G Tech Group offers you a service that combines the art of visual content creation, post scheduling strategy and ad management mastery. And, with the addition of the subscription, you have all the tools you need to create magic in the social world.

Main features:

  1. Management of Five Social Accounts: With a constant presence on five social platforms of your choice, we guarantee continuous and meaningful interaction with your audience.
  2. Tailored Visual Content: Capture your audience's attention with custom graphics created specifically for your brand, ensuring each post is unique and memorable.
  3. Publication Frequency: With up to 5 posts weekly for each platform, your social presence will be constant, current and relevant.
  4. Perfect Planning and Publishing: Using Helpmepost, each post is taken care of down to the smallest detail, from creation to publication, to ensure maximum impact.
  5. Management of Advertisements: In addition to content creation, we also do the ad management on social media, ensuring your advertising investment gets the best possible results.
  6. Subscription Included: Sign in to advanced tools and features with a free subscription to, worth €39 per month, for the entire duration of the service.

With SocialWizard, G Tech Group takes your social media strategy to new heights by fusing creativity, competence and technology. Discover the magic of SocialWizard!


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