Up to 7 posts weekly on 5 social networks

  • Complete management of customer social media
  • Creating custom, visual content such as graphics for social media
  • Planning and publishing posts
  • Management of social media advertisements
  • Subscription to included for the duration of the service worth €39 / month

589,00  / month for 12 months


In a world where social media presence is more critical than ever, SocialGenius represents the pinnacle of social media management. Brought to you by G Tech Groupthis service combines experience, creativity and strategy, guaranteeing clients a dominant and influential presence on social platforms. With customised content and unparalleled publication frequency, SocialGenius is the right choice for those who strive for the best in digital.

Main features:

  1. Complete Management of Five Social Accounts: We ensure a strong and consistent presence across five social platforms, ensuring quality interactions and a consistent brand image.
  2. Unique and Visual Content: Every post stands out thanks to custom graphics and content carefully designed to reflect the essence of your brand, capturing the attention of your audience.
  3. Publication Frequency: With up to 7 posts weekly on every platform, SocialGenius ensures your brand is always top of mind, keeping you at the center of attention.
  4. Strategic Planning and Publishing: Thanks to Helpmepost, each piece of content is published at key moments, to achieve maximum engagement and visibility.
  5. Management of Advertisements: Our experts take care of the complete ad management on social media, from targeting to broadcast, to ensure optimal ROI.
  6. Subscription Included: Benefit from the advanced tools and features of Helpmepost, worth €39 per month, for the entire period of the service.

With SocialGenius, G Tech Group raises the standard of social media management by offering a solution that combines art, science and technology. Become a digital genius with SocialGenius!


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